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Windshield Replacement

This message is for anyone in need of a windshield replacement in their vehicle. If your vehicle is 48 months old or newer, you are entitled to an original manufacturer certified replacement windshield, not an imitation. A safety study found that an improperly replaced windshield can result in significant consequences for the proper functioning of your vehicle, including lane departure warnings and automated accident avoidance systems. You are entitled to the proper windshield if, and only if, it is replaced at a collision repair facility.
Don’t take chances. Warwick Collision Center protects customers. Contact us at (401) 824-2333 if you have any questions or concerns about your windshield replacement.

OEM vs. Non-OEM Materials

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM Glass is from the manufacturer that produced the initial glass in your vehicle. OEM glass should meet the same standards and quality that your original glass had met including fit and safety. Many manufacturers recommend OEM glass when replacing your windshield.

Non-OEM Materials

Non-OEM glass face many obstacles. Using a Non-OEM windshield could cause electronic features of your vehicle to not perform properly, or at all. It also could miss-fit into your vehicle ultimately making your driving experience less safe.

Rock Chip Repairs

Under the circumstance that you have minor damage to your windshield, including a rock chip, we offer to repair your windshield at a low cost. If within 6 months you decide after getting your windshield repaired that you would like it replaced, we will reimburse your payment for the cost of your windshield repair and put it towards your windshield replacement.

What is Calibration?

“To calibrate something means to teach it. The concept is similar to how your parents taught you right from wrong, or where you were and were not allowed to go. Not to be confused with programming, which is more along the lines of giving a computer or sensor the ability to think or learn. When calibrating something such as a radar sensor, you are telling the sensor where it is in relation to the vehicle and where to look.”

Our Process

Our one-step process with calibration at the Warwick Collision Center allows you to complete the entire windshield repair or replacement process all at once. Most mobile services consist of a two-step process. This requires you to come in to get a calibration after receiving a mobile windshield repair or replacement.

More Information on your Vehicle Make Statement:

  • Audi Calibration Statement
  • BMW Calibration Statement
  • Mercedes-Benz Calibration Statement
  • Lexus Calibration Statement
  • Infiniti Calibration Statement

Safety – It’s not just Glass!

Your vehicle’s structural glass was made by the OEM specifically for your vehicle. Bonded glass parts like the windshield are structural components of your vehicle. OEM installation is important to ensuring the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle. Our OEM certified technicians use advanced adhesives and OEM glass to keep your automobile in top condition. It is also important to note that airbags control the intrusion of the glass. If you have a crack, it may not perform as intended to in the event of an accident.

Why is it Important to get your Windshield Fixed?

A vehicle’s cracked windshield can affect more than a driver’s vision. It can also affect other aspects of the vehicle including safety features, airbags, and other accessories that use sensors.

Easy Options for Getting your Windshield Repaired/Replaced

1. Direct Billing for the following insurance companies:

  • Amica
  • Pure
  • AIG
  • Chubb
  • Travelers
  • NGIC
  • Fireman’s Fund
  • Utica
  • Erie
  • C N A Commercial
  • ACE
  • Berkley One
  • QBE
  • FFIC
  • Nationwide Private Client
  • Westfield

2. Customer pay

Reimbursement from your insurance company.
Directly out-of-pocket.

3. File a claim with your insurance company and submit a deposit to Warwick Collision Center to secure your Auto Glass.

What if I have a Massachusetts or Connecticut policy?
Under Massachusetts and Connecticut regulations, you will be subject to those state policies.